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Welcome to Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire

Delfins Beach Resort, Bonaire's newest oceanfront property will exceed all expectations for their discerning guests.

Welcome to Delfin's Beach Resort, a spectacular luxury property features 84 spacious apartments with high end amenities. One of Bonaire's trendiest new restaurant, Brass Boer offers upscale dining with stunning seaside views. Delfin's pool and beach bar will outshine all others. Lastly, the 5 star dive center offering lessons, high tech equipment and dive air. Delfin's seeks to offer their guests a total Caribbean experience!


Delfins Beach Resort and Bonaire have a myriad of memorable experiences in store for you. No matter if you prefer lazing on the beach or seek an active, action-packed holiday,  we’ll make sure you have a great time.

Avoid dissapointment book your table now!

Experience Brass Boer superb dining and many star studded facilities

Dining at Brass Boer is an experience that will make your holiday even more unforgettable.

Brass Boer Restaurant is in a league of its own. The menu mixes local ingredients and global influences, from refined à la carte dishes to yummy beach bites. Add a choice of fine wines and an atmosphere of relaxed hospitality... what more could any bon vivant wish for?

Experience superb diving and many star studded facilities

Dolphins joining you on your dive right in front of the resort... That’s typical Delfins magic.

Delfins has its own dive pier and dive boats. Our 5 star dive center is operated by the island’s best, Dive Friends Bonaire. This award winning specialist has service points around the island. So get ready for the ultimate in shore diving independence and convenience.

Experience superb events and many star studded facilities

Soon we will tell all about our events. And the superb possibilities to enjoy your private party at our beach resort.

Experience superb adventure and many star studded facilities

At Delfins Beach resort and in the stunning nature of Bonaire we offer exclusive adventure activities. We will inform you shortly

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Brass Boer
Brass Boer

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