Planning to get married on Bonaire? Download “The Ultimate Bonaire Destination Wedding Guide”!

Planning to get married on Bonaire? Download our free ebook: "The Ultimate Bonaire Destination Wedding Guide"!

Soft and warm sand under feet. Cool ocean breezes with the sound of waves gently splashing in the background as the vows of love are given. Sound like a dream? Let us help those dreams come true. A Bonaire destination wedding is only steps away. Imagine if you will the most beautiful day of your life under the beautiful sun and gorgeous palm trees. Getting married on Bonaire is a unique experience with endless possibilities; it just doesn’t get any better!

Bonaire destination wedding

Bonaire is a small island in the south Caribbean next to its well-known neighbors Aruba and Curacao. What makes Bonaire both unique and perfect is that it is a romantic island where no building is higher than the church steeple. Also consider that it only has around 18,000 inhabitants, easily making this the quietest and therefore the most idyllic part of the ABC islands.

The common view of a destination wedding is that it is difficult to arrange. All the trial and tribulations can be overcome with this first step. Preparation, just like any other wedding, is key.

Getting married on Bonaire

Only when the documents have been approved by the wedding official, a wedding date can be set. It is best to email copies of your documents to the agency that arranges the formalities, such as your wedding planner. Later on, the original documents can be sent in or you take the documents yourself and hand them in personally.

What does it cost to get married on Bonaire?

Please let us dispel any reserves you may have about the expenses of an island ceremony. A wedding day is possible for every budget! The search for a wedding dress and bridal shoes as well as the wedding photographer can already be done back home. But don’t fret as Bonaire hosts some great photographers also. Find out in advance what your budget is and use it to determine how you will fill in the big day and which guests you want to invite. Go and enjoy all the preparations and look forward to your wonderful day on the beautiful island of Bonaire!

Your Bonaire wedding location 

The wedding location is, of course, one of the most important parts of your wedding! On Bonaire you can decide how and where you want to get married. Town Hall, with its historical and cultural significance, will happily host you and the two witnesses needed. Outdoor locations abound and with six witnesses you can pick your spot, Delfins Beach Resort’s amazing beach included.

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Download our e-book: “The Ultimate Bonaire Destination Wedding Planning Guide”! In this fun how-to guide, we will take you through the ins and outs of planning this fun and memorable event. Allow us to guide you through all the practical matters regarding making this dream a reality. The team at Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire would be thrilled to help you realize all your wishes. Together we will make your wedding day on Bonaire an unforgettable experience: Bon bini!

In this guide, you will learn: 

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  • What official documents are needed?
  • How to get to Bonaire?
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