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Why You Should Discover Shore Diving in Bonaire

Shore diving is what sets Bonaire apart from other tropical destinations. Often hailed as ‘The Diving Capital of the World’ this quaint island holds a treasure trove of underwater diving gems.

A Diver’s Paradise

Located in the southern part of the Caribbean, measuring 24 miles long and 5 miles wide, it is easy to explore all that Bonaire has to offer. Bonaire’s diving sites hold endless options from shallow reefs, shipwrecks to steep walls, so it is no surprise that the waters of Bonaire are categorized as a diver’s paradise.

Bonaire offers such a myriad of shore diving sites that you will never have to visit the same diving spot twice – unless of course, you really wanted to.

Perfect Conditions Year-Round

The island has an official diving season from December to May but what’s unique about Bonaire is that you can actually go on great dives year-round. Diving conditions in Bonaire vary based on the time of day, month, and even from year to year. Water temperatures stay relatively warm with water clarity being as crisp as you can imagine.

Endless possibilities

The sea state can change depending on which side of the island you choose to dive from and when you decide to dive. The shape of Bonaire provides a natural shield on the west side of the island against the constant eastern trade winds creating numerous protected dive sites, accessible at all times. Shore diving is easiest at the west coast side of Bonaire as it is often without any current. Sea turtles are often seen as well as Moray eels, Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Snappers, and Trunkfish. Colorful sponges and different types of corals cover the bottom of most of the dive sites around the area.

Diving at the east coast of Bonaire requires a bit more extra planning and consideration as the waters here often come with high waves and strong currents. These currents attract Dolphins, Sharks, Eagle rays and schools of Tarpons and since fewer people dive here the reef is more intact and sponges, as well as sea fan, can be enormous.

Bonaire lives up to its reputation as one of the best diving destinations on earth and the island itself exudes endless beauty both above water and below. Each dive spot in Bonaire offers something different to see and experience. So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned diver, the magic of the island will astound you no matter what.


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