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Why Bonaire is Perfect for your Upcoming Honeymoon

Choosing a one of a kind honeymoon destination becomes increasingly difficult as more romantic getaways have been leaning into more commercialized facilities and packages. Honeymoon pictures of newlyweds have started to look like they’re based on templates and destinations are all starting to look alike. Thankfully, there is an island called Bonaire which has all the modern comforts one might need on vacation, yet retains the “undiscovered” and isolated romantic feel that brings uniqueness and flare to your honeymoon.

The perfect honeymoon destination

The unparalleled charm that Bonaire has to offer seems like it came straight out of a fairy tale ending where “they lived happily ever after”. With its almost year-round perfect weather, powdery soft sand, and crisp blue water, the island does not fall short of setting the mood just right to match any honeymooner’s dream.

Many activities

Bonaire is known for being the perfect island to try out and experience activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, rock climbing, bird watching, horseback riding and lots more. So whether you’re the type of couple who prefers cuddles and sunsets or if you choose a more active kind of honeymoon, you definitely won’t go wrong with choosing Bonaire as your destination.

Small, cozy and environmentally focused

The island of Bonaire is much less polished than most of the islands in the Caribbean. The population of the island consists of 20,000 residents -it is said that the pink flamingo population rivals the number of people. The island is committed to conservation and preservation of nature, so all the magnificent romantic beaches, stunning coral reefs, and rich vegetation remain unspoiled.

If you’re looking for an intimate and magical island paradise as a perfect ending to your fairytale wedding and storybook start to your married life ahead, there’s no better pick for your honeymoon than Bonaire.


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