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Which Type of Vehicle Should you Rent in Bonaire?

There are many ways to explore and see the amazing sights on the island of Bonaire, but to be able to maximize your trip and do this in a leisurely fashion, renting your own vehicle is definitely the way to go. Delfins Beach Resort offers a wide variety of vehicles to suit your travel style.


Family road trips are always something to look forward to. the Daf vehicle is reminiscent of the classic cars you and your family would take to go on adventures with a full basket of snacks in the back while playing word games and singing along to your favorite songs.

Friends/Dive Buddies

Dive buddies and groups of friends can choose between a variety of pickup vehicles. The back of the pickup deluxe cars are perfect for carrying your scuba gear while still being spacious enough to seat up to four people.

Solo Travelers

Scooters are a great way to see and explore the island. You can take these bikes even through the smallest alleys and up until the side of the cliff to get a panoramic view of Bonaire. For those who prefer a more comfortable transportation option, the economy car is a light vehicle to take around.


The Citroën E-MEHARI is a sleek and stylish option for couples to take around for a nice date night and to go around town. This beautiful car is 100% electric and easy to use. Perfect for a stress-free trip with your partner.

The Electric People Mover is a great alternative to the E-MEHARI. These carts are also 100% electric and will help lessen your carbon footprint as you explore the island and enjoy a gentle ocean breeze as you drive along scenic routes.

Even for a small island, the best way to see the sights of Bonaire is to get yourself a set of wheels. Just remember to be mindful of the traffic rules and be safe!

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