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The Top 5 Dive Spots in Bonaire

Bonaire has long been hailed as one of the best diving destinations on the planet. But with the island having over 89 dive sites and you having just a few days on your vacation, which spots should you hit to best maximize your dive trip? Below are the top 5 dive spots on the island that you shouldn’t miss out on.

One Thousand Steps

Don’t worry, it only takes around 67 steps to get to this beach contradictory to its name. The name comes from the feeling most divers have as they ascend from the dive spot with all their gear which makes the 67 feel like 1,000 steps. The beach has powdery white sand and stunning turquoise water and is one of the most popular diving spots on the island. Sea turtles can be spotted immediately in the shallow waters.

Hilma Hooker

A 71.8-meter former cargo ship is now a gorgeous shore and boat dive spot. Schools of tarpon have been known to hide out in the cargo holds while the surrounding slope is covered in beautiful coral.

Andrea 1&2

A perfect dive spot for beginners, the Andrea 1&2 is a relaxed dive. Parrot Fish and soft corals are commonly seen here and you’re likely to also discover Seahorses with a discerning eye.

Salt Pier

Accessible via shore dive and boat dive, the salt pier provides tons of amazing underwater photography opportunities with lots of growth on pilings and schooling fish under the shadow of the pier. Keep an eye out for Grunts, Trunkfish, Snapper and Parrot Fish.

Bari Reef

Beautiful turquoise waters with little to no current, this is another excellent dive for beginners or those just looking to relax and immerse themselves with the underwater wildlife. You may come across tarpons and can find seahorses and octopi on the colorful reef. This site is #1 in the entire Caribbean for fish diversity with over 300 species sighted and surveyed.

With over 350 fish species recorded within Bonaire’s surrounding waters, diving in Bonaire is definitely an activity you wouldn’t want to pass up. There are sites for divers of every skill level and something new to discover every time.


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