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The Best Restaurants in Bonaire

Bonaire is a small island in the Caribbean with a population of approximately 20,000 people. Despite having a small number of residents, this vacation paradise has an array of cuisines to offer to anyone who pays a visit. From European to Middle Eastern, Bonaire’s selection of top-notch dining options are pretty much endless. Check out our rundown below for the best restaurants on the island.

Brass Boer Restaurant Bonaire

Upscale dining right by the beach. Brass Boer is located at Delfins Beach Resort and is the perfect spot for date nights. The restaurant boasts of a menu that mixes local ingredients with global influences that form refined and stunning gourmet dishes.


The brainchild of Andrea Magni – the youngest chef to get a Michelin Star in Italy and Lorella Lucia Scandaletti, Capriccio serves mouth-watering Italian cuisine and a selection of fine wines from their own cellar and is said to have one of the most outstanding wine lists in the world. Best paired with their dishes of course.

It Rains Fishes

You probably can’t get fish any fresher than the ones served at It Rains Fishes. In front of the restaurant itself, there are several fishing boats docked and ready to go out for some fresh catch first thing in the morning. The restaurant also offers a “Chef’s Table” – a one of a kind dining experience where a chef and sous chef will cook a 6-course dinner right in front of you.


This Turkish restaurant is the only place in Bonaire that offers an authentic selection of Middle Eastern dishes such as lamb, kebab, hummus, kibbeh, kafta, baked-to-order pita bread, and skewers. Mezze’s menu selections come in small servings so one can enjoy a variety of dishes in one go.

La Cantina

La Cantina is a proud advocate of locally sourced and grown ingredients for everything they offer on their menu. The restaurant prides itself on its fresh selection of poultry and locally produced fruits and vegetables. Aside from their extensive menu, La Cantina also has an in-house brewery where they serve an array of delicious home-brewed craft beers.

No vacation is complete without going on a food trip around the island. Get to know the island of Bonaire through the food it has to offer and bask in the gastronomic delights that add to the island’s wonderful food culture.


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