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Sustainability: Delfins’ Contribution to the Planet

As we move towards the future, more and more people recognize the importance of going green and realize the impact of being a conscious consumer. A recent study has shown that the tourism industry accounts for 8% of carbon emissions worldwide. While a large portion of this is caused by air travel, the hospitality industry also holds some contribution.

Our contribution

Fortunately, there are hotels such as Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire who practice sustainability and give their guests an eco-friendly experience while doing their part in saving the planet. Environmentally-friendly hotels such as Delfins offer accommodations that reduce guests’ carbon footprint and have less of an impact on the environment. The pioneers of these hotels have taken steps to improve energy efficiency and the health of its guests and staff. Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire implements green living practices that are non-toxic and safer for humans and pets so no matter the nature of your travel, you can enjoy your vacation guilt-free.

Being Green

Delfins takes pride in being a green property. They have significantly lowered their carbon footprint through innovative energy solutions such as solar power. Roofs are covered with state of the art solar panels which reduce the need for fossil fuels.

Aside from solar paneling, Delfins Beach Resort also practices eco-consciousness through the products used in the resort. Before choosing products such as detergents and plastic options, the resort carefully considers the most respectful and ethical option for the environment.

Electric cars can be rented out at Delfins Beach Resort. The Citroën E-MEHARI vehicle is unique on the island of Bonaire and is 100% electric. These cars take you where you need to go in style, without the risk of harming the environment.

Do your part

The island of Bonaire itself is known as a Blue Destination, the first of its kind in the world. Bonaire is the first Caribbean island to establish a marine park which has been protected for over 40 years. The island and its government take pride in having conservation and nature protection as the cornerstone of their tourism policies with its economic development plan being built on sustainability. About 40% of Bonaire uses clean energy.

Delfins Beach Resort strongly believes that profit maximization should not come at the cost of the planet and its people and they do their best efforts in reinvesting profits back to the island of Bonaire. Green living doesn’t have to stop when you’re on your holiday. Moving towards the future of travel with a more eco-conscious outlook through choosing green hotels like Delfins is a great way to have an unforgettable vacation while doing your part in saving the earth.


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