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Rent a car on Bonaire & Traffic Rules

What is it like to be a tourist on Bonaire and driving a car or scooter? Are traffic rules on Bonaire different from what you are used to? What are the options for renting a car on Bonaire? Take a look at our tips & tricks!

If you want to see more of the island, renting a car on Bonaire is a must. Public transport is virtually absent and taxis are not always available. Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire is an ideal starting point for exploring the southern coast, with its beautiful salt pans full of flamingos. Here you can also take a look at the ancient slave huts. In about 45 minutes, you can drive to the village of Rincon in the north where you can visit the unique Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Traffic on Bonaire

It is quite easy to fit into Bonaire daily traffic. It is usually quiet on the road (especially compared to the States or Europe) and one rarely speeds. Bonaire has no high ways, we do not even have traffic lights! Self-driving on Bonaire is therefore easy, despite the fact that the roads are not everywhere to American standards. As the infrastructure is small, you will find it easy to navigate. There are a few unpaved roads, mainly in the National Park and Lac Cai. These roads are only accessible with an off-road vehicle. In the case of rainfall, these roads can be more difficult to ride.

Gas on Bonaire – pay in advance!

Refueling on Bonaire is actually the same as in the States, with one important difference: You have to pay in advance before you get any gas. If you’re not sure how much you need, you can ask the cashier to open the pump and pay afterward.

Traffic rules Bonaire

As around the world, Bonaire has its own distinctive traffic and behavioral rules:

  • Relaxed traffic – traffic on Bonaire is very laid back, though the horn is often used (mostly as a thank-you or just to say hi to friends and family).
  • Priority at T-junction – It is important to know that traffic on Bonaire only has priority from the right at an equivalent intersection. At a T-junction, the person whose direction ends must always give priority to the traffic on the main road.
  • Wet roads – Drive carefully when the road is wet after a rain! Road surface can be very slippery due to dust and dirt. Make sure to drive around puddles: you do not see in advance whether it is a small shallow puddle or a flooded deep pit due to the poorly maintained roads.

Car Rental Bonaire

Our reception would gladly help you choose a rental car or scooter that fits your needs. Rental cars and scooters can be booked online in advance or can be requested on site. You can contact us for all types of transport: from pickups trucks to scooters and from oldtimers to one of our sustainable vehicles.

Electric driving on Bonaire

Until recently, it was not possible to drive 100% electric on Bonaire. That’s why we took matters into our own hands and made it possible to explore the island with a 100% electric Citroen E-Mahari or one of our electric golf carts. The E-mahari is a comfortable car that is easy to recharge, you simply plug in the power socket with us in the parking lot. A unique way to explore Bonaire!

Conclusion: drive and explore!

All together, traffic on Bonaire is easy and self-driving is a great way to explore the island. You are on vacation, so take it easy and go with the flow. Are you visiting us during the high season or holiday periods? Then it is advisable to arrange your transport in advance to avoid disappointments. This can be done online 24/7 via our website or by sending a message to

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