Besides being new, Delfins Beach Resort is decidedly modern. That’s why we give careful consideration to the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. They must be in balance. Sustainability matters to us and we work at it every day. To this end we have set ourselves a number of basic objectives.


Delfin’s seeks to be a green property. We lower our CO2 footprint by using non-polluting energy solutions. At present we are working with solar power. An obvious choice, really, as in Bonaire enjoys one of the driest climates in the Caribbean.  Our roofs are covered with state of the art solar panels with a high yield. Besides diminishing our need for fossil fuels, this also brings financial benefits as well as being a sustainable option.


We aim to work with local labor wherever possible. We offer ongoing staff training and support. A positive work climate and culture is important to us. We believe our staff can only be proper hosts and hostesses when given the opportunity to work as true team members in a pleasant working environment. We have faith in people and their capabilities. Delfin’s is also  an education partner offering training programs for interns in areas of food and beverage and hospitality. We welcome our Dutch inters and hope they enhance your stay.


We are a company that pursues profit maximization. But we do believe that this should not be at the expense of our planet and people. This condition is especially important − and highly visible − in Bonaire. No less than 80% of our economy is linked to tourism. Therefore, the 20,000 inhabitants of this sunny and special part of the Netherlands must join forces to support the local economy. That’s why we try to do local business wherever possible. Besides, one of our objectives is to reinvest our profits into this region, more specifically into Bonaire.


When using products such as detergents and plastics, we carefully consider what’s the best choice for our planet and our resort. Wherever possible, we choose what is most respectful of our environment, our nature, our planet. While cost is important, it’s never decisive.

Join our be well, eat well, dive well culture