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Brass Boer Restaurant

Brass Boer Restaurant is run under the management of none other than Jonnie and Thérèse Boer. This immensely gifted culinary couple gained worldwide fame with their restaurant De Librije, proclaimed best restaurant in the Netherlands on numerous occasions. This very fact makes it all the more special that Jonnie and Thérèse agreed to let their names and dishes be associated with our restaurant.

Brass Boer Restaurant

To avoid dissapointment please reserve in advance.

Top quality guaranteed

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer have been keen and regular Bonaire visitors for many years. Their personally trained chefs will prepare their dishes for you. Whenever the couple are visiting the island themselves, don’t be surprised when they join you at your table to tell you that they’ll be cooking for you in person. Regardless, top quality is guaranteed here. As a guest you’re in for a treat, if only because of the staff’s heartwarming hospitality. Add the fact that Delfins Beach Restaurant is located right next to the azure blue sea, and it should be clear that you’re in for an unforgettable experience at an equally memorable spot

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Delfins 5 Star Dive Center

Our Delfins 5 Star Dive Center is run by Dive Friends Bonaire, the island’s major and − according to many − best dive operator. Dive Friends stands out by a mixing a distinctly relaxed approach with a high level of service. This is the place to go for that superb dive training that will enable you to explore Bonaire’s unique underwater world.

Multiple locations

Another great thing about Dive Friends Bonaire is that they have several locations on the island, as this makes it very easy to swap your tanks on the go. Moreover Dive Friends has a private pier from which you can take boats to go diving near the small island of Klein Bonaire.

Experience superb events and many star studded facilities

Soon we will tell all about our events. And the superb possibilities to enjoy your private party at our beach resort.

Experience superb adventure and many star studded facilities

At Delfins Beach resort and in the stunning nature of Bonaire we offer exclusive adventure activities. We will inform you shortly

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Brass Boer
Brass Boer

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